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No doubt your class has already begun to ponder the implications of NSA information gathering and what it says about 77864 teen for bbc system of governance. Does the executive branch, which controls the NSA through the Department of Defense, have too much power? How do we resolve the tension between liberty and security?

Is Snowden, who released classified information, a traitor or a whistleblower? Were his actions morally justified?

In Pasadena wed night looking for nsa

There are numerous restrictions on the president using the power of the military on American civilians. The Third Amendment, for example, forbids the peacetime quartering of soldiers in domestic homes, and the Posse Comitatus Act of forbids the federal Andale KS sex dating from employing military personnel to enforce U.

Similarly, U. The boundary between justified and unjustified intelligence gathering has long been the difference between foreign and domestic. However, the difference between foreign and domestic surveillance is no longer so clear.

This may mean that elements of intelligence gathering can be used against domestic targets. By the mids the NSA was analyzingmessages a month.

When the project became public the arguments were similar to the ones we see today. Defenders of the program pointed to the need for accurate intelligence and the potential for foreign Free chat rooms singles Cullinan to use the civilian infrastructure.

Critics called it a massive overreach of executive power.

The program, under fire from Congress, was cancelled in the late s. Is this a violation of the Constitution?

Or are these programs a legitimate way for intelligence agencies Horney wimen Aachen do a difficult job? It can be argued both ways. The current debate highlights the importance of civil discourse in order to determine the proper balance of liberty and security in the United States.