SIX WEEKS: Wodonga Raiders star Brodie Filo won't play again until finals. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE

Brodie Filo to miss six weeks with broken jaw

Mercurial Wodonga Raiders star Brodie Filo’s season is over if the club doesn’t play finals.

Filo had two plates and braces inserted along his bottom row of teeth at the hospital in Bendigo on Sunday night after breaking his jaw in the final quarter against Albury on Saturday.

“At first I thought I’d lost a tooth, but that’s just how big the gap was, it was split down the middle down the bottom,” he said.

“I’m obviously shattered because we were playing good footy, I’ll miss six weeks at least.

“The braces are on for six weeks, then I’ll have to go back in for another small operation to get them taken out, but my jaw will be right.”

There’s just under six weeks to finals, so if Raiders were to miss the top five, Filo’s season is over.

His return date is either the qualifying or elimination final.

However, if Raiders can sneak into the top three, the club could, potentially, rest him from the qualifying clash, if he wasn’t quite ready.

The braces are on for six weeks, then I’ll have to go back in for another small operation.- Brodie Filo

Raiders are involved in one of the tightest finishes for positions two through five in years.

Yarrawonga and Wangaratta have 10 wins apiece, with Lavington and Raiders a further win back.

Wodonga is lurking on eight.

Filo received a message from Albury’s Sam Schulz.

“It was actually quite nice, he said, ‘I hope you’re alright, hope I’m doing well’, and I wrote back and said, ‘yeah, sometimes that happens in footy’,” he said.

“I know a lot of blokes don’t do that, it was good that he apologised, I appreciate it.”

Schulz has been charged with rough conduct.

Filo considers the charge to be serious enough to require an independent tribunal hearing, on Wednesday night.


Article courtesy of the Border Mail

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