BRODIE BUSTED: Raiders' star Brodie Filo is helped off after his jaw was fractured in two places. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE

Wodonga Raiders' star Brodie Filo breaks jaw

Disappointed Wodonga Raiders’ coach Daryn Cresswell says the challenge which left star player Brodie Filo with a broken jaw in two places “wasn’t in the rules of the game”.

The league’s most exciting player had just taken a mark in a thrilling final quarter when Albury’s Sam Schulz collided with him. No 50-metre penalty was paid.

Filo was assisted from the field and taken to Albury hospital.

He’s expected to have surgery on Monday and it’s uncertain how long he will be out.

“It certainly wasn’t in the rules of the game,” Cresswell said following the 14-point loss.

“Any contact to the head, which causes serious injury, which is what happened to Brodie, needs to be seriously looked at.”

Cresswell said pre-match he expected the Tigers would target Filo, but wouldn’t over-step the mark.

“They’re always hard at the footy and I reckon they’re a really fair side, they’re not a side that goes looking for spot fires,” he said.

But he was dissatisfied with at least one aspect of Filo’s tag.

“I thought he was held all day and that’s another thing that certainly needs to be looked at,” Cresswell said.

Any contact to the head, which causes serious injury...needs to be seriously looked at. - Daryn Cresswell

However, Raiders’ mentor wasn’t disappointed with the umpiring.

“I think the umpiring this year has been really good,” he said.

Raiders’ next game is against Rovers on August 5.


Article courtesy of the Border Mail

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