Myrtleford stalwart and Ovens and Murray Hall of Famer Martin Cross reveals the poster welcoming the league’s first female inductee, Lindy Burgess, into the prestigious club of O and M greats. Picture: DAVID THORPE

Lindy Burgess the first female inductee to O&M Hall of Fame

SHOCKED, honoured and overwhelmed.

Lindy Burgess could not believe it when she took the call telling her she would be the first female inductee to the Ovens and Murray Football-Netball League Hall of Fame in its 11th year of existence.

The dual premiership playing coach and triple Toni Wilson medallist said she felt a range of emotions after being told of her historic recognition.

“I started playing in the area because of family connections and by the end of it the Ovens and Murray became an extended family to me,” Burgess said.

“I loved my time there very dearly, I’ve made a whole heap of friends from the North East because of it, so I think I’m very lucky to have got as much out of the league as I did.”

She returned to Myrtleford for the inaugural O and M netball season in 1993 and said the early advantage her state league background afforded her over the rest of the competition was short-lived.

“I was fortunate to be a little bit ahead of some of the other girls in terms of my knowledge of the game and the speed I was used to playing at, but they caught up pretty quick smart,” she said.

“It’s always been a very strong competition, ever since day one.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to play with the likes of Rebecca Piazza, Tracey Gillies and Steph Tyrell, all of them great players for different reasons.”

She coached four clubs — Myrtle- ford, Wodonga, Wodonga Raiders and Corowa-Rutherglen.

The Roos’ A-grade team spent a season in recess before she played a key role in their resurgence.

She travelled from Melbourne each weekend with a number of ex-Corowa-Rutherglen players who had moved to the city for university.

Burgess paid tribute to the persistence of Roos official Sandra Dunn in ensuring she took the daunting job.

“It broke my heart to see the club the way it was,” she said.

“You form such good rivalries and friendships in this league, so I wanted to do my best to help them grow the club from the ground up.

“Seeing them vying for a spot in the top five this season, knowing where that team has come from, sends chills down my spine.

“I still remember Sandra’s voice on the phone asking me to come and help out.”

Burgess will be formally inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 8.


Article courtesy of the Border Mail

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